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I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mark for numerous years. As a client HSQE specialist and as a consultant to me in the same role Mark consistently demonstrates the ability to remain practical and pragmatic in achieving the "safe" outcome. Mark's knowledge of H&S statutes and operational requirements in various industries is First Rate and I would not hesitate to call on Mark for any assistance or guidance required.

August 11, 2010 Tony Peacock
Project Director, Scott Wilson

The modernisation programme at Royal Mail is one of the biggest transformations of its kind in the UK. Every aspect of our operation is being changed in some way collections, processing, sorting and delivery with a combined investment of over 2.4 billion over the life of the programme. All 143,000 people employed in the operations arm of Royal Mail are impacted in some way by this modernisation activity. Examples over the course of the programme include over 2,000 machine installations, extensions or moves; major construction activity including several new operations buildings; deployment of digital handheld technology with over 52,000 devices to support collection and delivery activity; and a fundamental change in the methods used to support our delivery operation with the majority of the 66,000 delivery routes converted to vehicle or high capacity trolley based solutions.


The team at Lighthouse Safety Solutions has shown great professionalism, customer focus and flexibility during their time supporting the programme. They have been the integrators of the positive change in safety that has occurred across the modernisation programme and have delivered excellent value for money as a result. I would have no hesitation is recommending Lighthouse Safety Solutions to any organisation keen to promote a safety first culture across their company.

July 18 2011 Ian Jones

Programme Director, Royal Mail


Site Waste Management Plans


What you must do in England
If the project you are working on is costed at more than 300,000 (excluding VAT), do not start work unless there is a SWMP in place.

Each project should have one SWMP.

A SWMP is a live document. It must be updated through the course of the project. Because it is produced at the very beginning of a project, the designer can consider ways that waste can be reduced and site-gained materials can be reused or recycled as part of the project. Identifying waste materials at an early stage that can not be reused on that project will make it easier to find other alternative uses for them.

Whos responsible for the SWMP?
If you are the client, you are responsible for:
  • producing the initial SWMP before construction work begins
  • appointing the principal contractor
  • passing the SWMP to the principal contractor.

If you are the principal contractor, you are responsible for:

  • obtaining relevant information from sub-contractors
  • keeping the SWMP on site during the project
  • ensuring that other contractors know where the SWMP is kept
  • allowing other contractors and the client access to the SWMP during the project
  • keepingthe SWMP for two years after the completion of the project.

You should update the plan regularly to ensurethat it accurately reflects the progress of the project. 

What should the SWMP contain?
The level of detail that your SWMP should contain depends on the estimated build cost, excluding VAT. For projects estimated at between 300,000 and 500,000 (excluding VAT) the SWMP should contain details of the:
  • types of waste removed from the site
  • identity of the person who removed the waste
  • site that the waste is taken to.

For projects estimated at over 500,000 (excluding VAT) the SWMP should contain details of the:

  • types of waste removed from the site
  • identity of the person who removed the waste and their waste carrier registration number
  • a description of the waste
  • site that the waste was taken to
  • environmental permit or exemption held by the site where the material is taken.

At the end of the project, you must review the plan and record the reasons for any differences between the plan and what actually happened.

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